About Us


Welcome, so happy you’re here!  

As owner and founder of MY FANCY PILLOW I feel strongly that wherever you are in your life’s journey, and whatever the size or type of room, apartment, or house you live in….everyone deserves a happy space! 

Personally, I’ve lived in around 15 different happy spaces in my life…so far!  From living at home with my parents, to college dorm rooms, NYC apartments, and various small and large homes in South Florida, that’s a lot of spaces, and therefore, a lot of pillows throughout the years! 

One of the things I learned from these many moves is that adding something as simple as cool, new throw pillows can totally change the look and feel of your space.  

Our goal is to offer you just that.....beautiful, cozy and chic pillow covers that helps you create spaces in your home that you absolutely love!  We look forward to helping you "Create Your Happy Space" that speaks uniquely to you!

XOXO Margo

P.S. – We are also super happy and grateful that your purchase today will help us pay it forward to others.  Thank you for allowing us to do so.  Learn more here.